Veritas Archiving Management offers secure, reliable, and effective document storage and document management solutions offline and online. Our goal is to help prevent data lose in companies, and provide security, ease of access and convenient ways of archiving and retrieving important company documents. We provide a system that keeps all your information in one place. Our primary focus is on digitalization, hence we invest comprehensively in cloud computing and specialized software’s. This forms a huge part of our mission and sustainability policy to save our environment by going green.

Our services includes but not limited to:
• Combox / DOC-u-BOX Document Filing
• Mailroom Services
• Filerite Software
• Scanning & Electronic Retrieval Services
• Archival Stationary Products
• Data Capture and Indexing
• Records Management Consulting
• Secure Offsite Document Storage
• Outsourced Staff
• Rapid Document Retrieval
• EDMS / Onsite File Management
• Vault and Confidential Storage
• RSWeb – Real Time Document Access
• Outsourced Live File Solutions
• Turtle Cases
• Document Distribution and Shredding