Veritas Engineering is a leading global provider of environmental consultancy services to the waste and recycling sector, providing advice to a range of clients including waste producers, the waste management industry, its regulators and investors. The waste management philosophy developed by Veritas Engineering follows an established waste hierarchy of waste prevention, minimization, reuse, recycling, energy recovery and final disposal. The global Veritas Engineering team has experience of providing practical advice on all waste types, including municipal, household, commercial, industrial, hazardous, agricultural, and, mining waste.

Waste Management Success Factors
  • Waste management is a public service
  • Clear division of roles and responsibilities
  • Clear national environmental targets showing the direction and long-term regulations and
  • Economical steering instruments
  • Co-operation between municipalities
  • Collaboration between the public and private sectors
  • Holistic system view- an integrated part of the sustainable city
  • Co-operation within municipalities (Waste, Energy, Water, Urban planning, etc departments)
  • A system based on source separation with a focus on communication and public engagement
  • A system based on resource recovery