VERITAS was founded to address the shortage of engineering consultants in the South African Market. VERITAS core business is in the Engineering and Project Management Sector. Industry knowledge, expertise and experience on projects enable us to identify and resolve the problems without bias or prejudice.

VERITAS Engineering is a level 1 rated contributor to broad based black economic empowerment (BBBEE). As a result, our clients are entitled to claim 135 % of the value spent on our services as BEE procurement. VERITAS Engineering is a proudly South African, 100% black owned enterprise.

Veritas Engineering core values

Always looking out for our Client’s best interest

Our entire business is based on this philosophy. We strive to optimize projects to the benefit of the Client’s business.

Uncompromising Integrity

Integrity, Honesty, Truth, Trust and Reliability is part of the core values of our company. We respect local practices and customs in the communities that we operate in. We are strongly against any form of corruption.

Always Safe

Health and Safety is at the center of our business and we are committed to the highest standards. We respect all stakeholders on our projects including the communities in which we work.


To ensure that we are always offering our Clients the best value and optimum solutions. VERITAS Engineering is independent of any technology supplier or engineering contractors.

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